La artesanía tiene gran tradición en Omán

Currency in Oman

If you decide to travel to the Sultanate of Oman you should know that its official currency is the Omani rial (OMR). The Omani rial has been issued by the Central Bank of Oman since 1977 and is divided into 1,000 baisa. Among its curiosities, it should be noted that the Omani rial is the fourth …

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Guardia de la Ópera

Security in Oman

Due to its great variety of landscapes (desert, mountain, sea), and for the richness of its history and traditions, Oman has become one of the most attractive destinations among the Gulf countries in recent years. However, as it is a little overcrowded and not yet a well-known destination, the question may arise: is Oman a …

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