Main cities of Australia

Main cities of Australia

Australia is an immense country, the sixth largest on the planet, and is characterised by an appropriate balance between nature and modernity. Next, we highlight its most important cities.

Sydney, the most touristic

It is not the capital, but it is the most famous city in the country. It is the most populated with about four and a half million inhabitants. It stands out for its location, its natural harbour and its beaches. Its parks and its adequate public transport network are just two of its positive characteristics. In the opera you will see all kinds of shows. At nightfall you will not be short of leisure options to have fun.

Melbourne, a nod to modernity

It is the capital of the state of Victoria. The city is as modern as it is suitable for all types of travellers. It is one of the most important sports and commercial centres in the country. Its Victorian architecture, its parks and its determined commitment to the most contemporary culture make it stand out.

Melbourne - St kilda

Brisbane, between history and the future

The third most populous city in the country is located in the state of Queensland and is also the capital. It stands out for having preserved its history very well and for combining it with modernity. Its subtropical climate will allow you to enjoy its parks and the area attached to the river. In its skyline you will find skyscrapers combined with Victorian churches, creating a more than curious contrast.

Perth and its Asian touch

It is located between the Canning and Swan rivers. It is a bit far away, so it looks more like Singapore than Sydney. This factor directly affects its modern architecture and its leisure offer. Its natural environment is impressive and recommended for lovers of nautical sports. Spaces like Kings Park, Swan Valley or Fremantle prison will leave you wanting more.

Adelaide, a paradise for wine lovers

It is halfway between the mountains that surround it and the ocean. It stands out for its tranquility. Its many wineries are of enormous interest to wine lovers in the country. Its charm makes it one of the most interesting cities in the country. Visit also its botanical garden, its zoo and Mount Lofty where you can see the kangaroos in the wild.

Canberra, the capital and historic city

History decided that it was the capital despite being the eighth most populated city in the country. It is very interesting thanks to the huge number of parks and gardens that are part of its urbanism. Its tourist spots such as the parliament, the war memorial, the national gallery or Lake Burley Griffin stand out.

Naturaleza en Canberra

The Gold Coast, the queen of tourism

It is right next to the sea. Its kilometre-long beach is best explored by strolling along its promenade. Skyscrapers, shops, nightclubs and theme parks complete its offer. You can also visit Surfers Paradise, a space designed for surf lovers.

We hope we have clarified the most important cities in Australia. In each of them you will find different options to turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.

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