Safety in Canada

Безопасность в Канаде

In 2018, Canada achieved a historic record: 21 million tourists—attracted, among other things, by the security within its borders—visited this country.

What makes Canada such a safe country?

This North American country is famous for being considered a land of peace, free of armed conflicts and crime. In fact, its crime rate is minimal compared to that of the United States, its neighbouring country. Specifically, in its main cities, the chances of being a victim of a home burglary or being the victim of a street attack (even an insult) are really low. The main reason why security is a tangible reality in Canada is the large police presence. 

Safety in Canada

Precautionary measures to avoid possible incidents

Although it is a destination that is 100 percent safe, it is advisable to take some precautions.

Do not leave valuables inside a car. Although the rare theft of vehicles does not conform a statistical figure, the risk of falling victim to the theft of designer handbags or glasses of first brands is moderate when they are mistakenly left on a seat or on the dashboard in the view of possible minor offenders.

Avoid dangerous areas. Although there are no urban areas that are recommended to avoid, each city has its areas which are more prone to crime. It is always advisable to ask at the hotel or at the nearest police station which areas should be avoided, especially at night.

Stay away from conflicts between Canadians. Around local festivities or celebrations for sporting wins, the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs exacerbate emotions and can lead to violent confrontations among the inhabitants of the place. In the event of a small sign of something similar, it is best to move away and not intervene. The security forces are there to handle it.

Walk with caution at night. It is best to move around central sites, avoiding the less populated or less known parts of the city. In the latter cases, the risk of walking at night is moderate.

Presence of pickpockets. Only in very important urban centres, such as Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, the “snatching” of bags is occasional. It is therefore recommended to move around with your valuables and money well protected.

Leave bicycles locked. Although it is not common to steal, it is best to leave bikes parked in designated places and with a padlock.

How safe is Canada

What else do you need to keep in mind when travelling to Canada?

In Canada, there is no risk of scams, assaults, terrorist acts or attacks based on the discrimination of race, religion or sexual orientation. In short, in this country it is more likely to suffer a setback due to snowfall in winter or forest fires in summer than suffer from crime. For this reason, every year more travellers choose this border country with North America as a favourite destination for their holidays.

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