Security in Oman

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Due to its great variety of landscapes (desert, mountain, sea), and for the richness of its history and traditions, Oman has become one of the most attractive destinations among the Gulf countries in recent years. However, as it is a little overcrowded and not yet a well-known destination, the question may arise: is Oman a safe destination?

If we have to answer this question in general terms, the answer is that Oman is a very safe destination, since there is a low rate of crime and theft. Of course, it is always necessary to take certain precautions in crowded places such as souks or nightclubs, where fights or small altercations could occur. We also advise you to avoid the beach at sunset or at night if you travel alone, especially in areas far away from the capital.

If you are concerned about security due to the geographical situation of the Sultanate, we inform you that Oman is one of the safest countries in the area, although it is not recommended to travel to the border area with Yemen, a country in conflict. We also recommend avoiding the Indian Ocean area near the coasts of Pakistan and Somalia. Although, fortunately, these are not the areas that tourists are interested in the most.

The desert, better with company

Omán dunas

Due to the country’s own characteristics, the territory of Oman is made up of very unpopulated areas, such as the desert and the mountains. Of course, you cannot miss visiting the desert of Wahiba Sands or the mountain of Jebel al Akhdar, but it is better to do it accompanied by guides who know the terrain.

The weather deserves special mention when we speak of a country like Oman, where it is essential to take the necessary precautions to combat extreme heat. In addition, it must also be kept in mind that torrential rains sometimes cause floods that can be dangerous in areas such as wadis.

On the other hand, although Oman has a good health infrastructure, we strongly recommend having insurance that includes medical expenses and repatriation.

Omani culture, tradition and hospitality

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Another question that may arise, especially if you are a woman, is what clothing is appropriate. For reasons of respect for the local culture, it is recommended that both women and men dress modestly, avoiding garments such as tank tops or skirts and shorts. On the other hand, the hijab is not mandatory. Do not forget that Oman is a safe country, even for women who travel alone.

Remember also that in the country, relations between people of the same sex are punished, and there are sanctions against acts that go against morality or public order. So it is preferable to avoid showing affection with your partner in public.

The Government and the population of Oman are increasingly showing an open attitude towards visitors. In addition, hospitality is part of the Arab culture, so it will not be surprising that you are invited to tea as a thanks for visiting their country.


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